The Dynamics of Software Engineering

An examination of the elements which affect the future of computer software engineering.

A description of how computing in the future will bring not only more improved applications to replace existing ones, but also new products and services currently unimagined by the public. The author of this paper shows that those possessing sufficient knowledge and experience to innovate and produce new applications will be those most advantageously positioned to take advantage of the opportunities these new concepts will provide. The paper investigates the history of software development and provides a review of existing literature which indicates that the importance of software in our society is matched by the difficulty encountered in its development. It shows the influence of the Internet, hardware and the military and business world on software development.
“In an environment of constant expansion characterized by change, it is imperative that the underlying software infrastructure undergo renewal and enhancement to provide effective support for growth, effective and efficient use, and further development. Software engineers must respond to explosive growth, high volumes of information, the expansion of e-commerce across a range of new applications, the development of integration capabilities across developing and new formats, new requirements for ensured quality of service, the need for secure transmissions and the proliferation of networked resources internationally.”