The Double Helix Looking Glass

A critical analysis of the phenomenon of cloning.

A critical analysis of cloning as a scientific process. The author discusses the use of humans as guinea pigs and the purposes this serves. Possible applications are investigated which are compared and contrasted to other uses of cloning.
‘There was a time when life meant something, families were respected, and so were individuals. Now however these fundamental parts of our society are being threatened by people who would like to open Pandora’s box and use an experimental process in genetic engineering known as cloning human beings. Cloning is by no means simple and in order for it to be perfected, it would mean taking on the perspective of using humans as guinea pigs. If this is ever done what purpose would it serve? An in depth look is to be taken of the above process. Possible applications will also be investigated. These uses will then be compared and contrasted to other uses of cloning. By doing so it is hoped that a greater understanding will be gained of how cloning presently affects society and how it could soon affect our lives. Perhaps it will help us decide whether or not to open Pandora’s box and maybe to prevent our humanity from being demeaned.”