The Doctrine of the Inerrancy of Scripture

Discussion of the Christian doctrine known as the Inerrancy of Scripture.

This paper addresses the topic of the existence or non-existence of God and looks at theological arguments that support the concept that there is a God. The paper also looks at the doctrine of the Inerrancy of Scripture and discusses how Christian believers use this doctrine as evidence of a God, the Messianic Prophecy and the existence of the Holy Trinity, or the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.
“Jonathan Waller, in his online essay “God versus God,” raises very pertinent issues about the existence of God “the ever-widening divide between theists and atheists. In light of recent events, Waller maintains that these issues are very important. Mohammad Atta, in the name of God, flew a plane into a building. One of the first recognizable casualties in New York of the September 11, 2001, was Fr. Michael Judge, the chaplain of the New York Fire department. A few days before his death, Fr. Judge proclaimed the firefighters” job “a blessing from God.” Atta and Judge “two men on the same side of an argument” both were staunch believers in the power and existence of God (Wallace, 2001).”