The Development of the Youth Culture

This paper discusses the development of the youth culture through its music and its relationship to the emerging social consciousness within the context of capitalism and 20th Century history. The author illustrates with various musicians: Little Richar

Over the years most socialists have argued that in order for the radical transformation of capitalist society to take place, the emergence of a new man would be necessary. To them this meant a socially conscious man who understood the contradictions of capitalist society as traditionally conceived .. i.e., a man who understood his role as an alienated laborer, who understood the reasons for that alienation, and who would move to end that alienation through radical political activity. These men failed to see man in his totality as an economic, social and cultural being.

The latter half of the 1960’s saw the beginnings of the development of a new historical approach which was primarily focused on the youth culture. This culture, as well as the …