The Development of Aspirin and Salbutamol

How Aspirin and Salbutamol were developed and a description of how they interact with the body.

This paper digs deeply into how aspirin and salbutamol were developed and also how they interact in the body from a heavy chemical and neurological perspective. It also gives a detailed overview into how, in general, pharmacueticals are developed using bronchodilars as an example. Also included are numerous diagrams in order to aid the reader comprehend the text.
“Since 400BC physicians prescribed a bitter powder extract from the willow bark tree to alleviate pain. In the middle of the 18th century two chemists by the name of Fontana and Brugnatelli extracted the active agent Salicin from the willow, and was then converted by Piria into Salicylic acid. Felix Hoffman a German chemist set about trying to synthesize salicylic acid.”