The Demographic Trends of AIDS and HIV

A demographic analysis of the changes in the demographics of people who are becoming infected with AIDS and HIV and the reason for this change.

This paper is a research into the current trends in HIV and AIDS in America, with the main focus on the demographics of people who are newly infected with the disease. Areas that are discussed include infection rates among various racial and age groups. The author also focuses on the growing sexual subculture with gay and bisexual minorities called the ‘down low’, which is changing the face of HIV and AIDS as many unsuspecting women are now getting HIV and AIDS from their husbands and boyfriends. Statistics are also provided to reinforce the fact that HIV and AIDS is changing its demographic path. Suggestions are also provided to help eliminate this impeding HIV and AIDS crisis.
“HIV and AIDS have also increased in the Latino population. Approximately 40,000 people are infected with the HIV virus each year in the United States. 19 percent of these new cases are Latinos, even though they only comprise 13 percent of the population. HIV is the fourth leading cause of death for Latinos aged 25 to 44 in 2002. One factor that plays a role in this increase is that many people in the Latino community are in the United States illegally and are afraid to come forward for treatment and testing for fear of deportation. As a result of this fear, they are not as informed of the preventative measures that need to be taken to avoid being infected with HIV and AIDS. Another reason for this increase is the number of Latino men who are in prison and engaging in risky sexual activity while behind bars. They in turn infect their girlfriends or wives when they are released from prison. (Smith, 2004).”