The Definition of Freedom in America

An in depth look at freedom in American society.

An in-depth discussion of the meaning of freedom in American society. The author argues that freedom can only be obtained and can only have meaning on an individual level. He then supports this by examining the extent of which we are actually ‘free’ in American society arguing that complete freedom is still not evident.
“Freedom is a nonentity, an abstract illusion that represents human wanting and desire for an ideal society. It is not on paper or in a word, freedom exits only in dreams or on the wings of a bird. American identity, as in the works of Douglass and Chopin, was founded on a belief in freedom but is better described by its slavery and repression. Freedom has always belonged to select groups and peoples. Every group and people to come to America, since it became America, has suffered great injustices and repression regardless of their background. America made a great industry of black slavery and black exploitation, women are still struggling to break the bounds of their slavery days and there are always new groups that are targeted every day.”