The Death Penality

Argues that capital punishment does nothing to deter crime.

In a society that is ridden with crime with no reprieve in view it seems that we are all too eager to accept that the death penalty will help reduce the mind boggling statistics related to criminal activities. Murder, rape, burglaries and other such deviant behavior has become so common that it is becoming difficult to have any human emotions of compassion. Juvenile crime is increasing and we, as a society are now considering punishing juveniles as adults. So the next time a juvenile commits a crime he or she may be liable for the death penalty. Such vengeance we have. Such emotions of revenge we savor. Proponents of harsh criminal sentences contend that the more fear the criminals have the less the crime. Yet, the facts do not back this statement. When we review the research we realize that the death penalty has no effect on reducing the criminal statistics of the states where it is enacted.