The Color Purple

A review of the book “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker.

This paper discusses the story of “The Color Purple”, an emotional and inspiring story of Celie, a woman who has faced nothing but abuse and violence in her life. It examines the significance of reawakening in the work and how as the novel progresses, Celie experiences a reawakening of her self-worth which propels her life in a new direction. It evaluates how this reawakening could not have happened without her letters, her spirituality and the input of people like Sofia.
“Celie’s sister Nettie is really the catalyst for Celie’s transformation. She writes to Nettie when she has no one else in the world. It is Nettie who she looks up to, and Nettie who has gotten away from the family and made her own successful life. Nettie is one of only two people Celie has allowed herself to love, which makes her all the more important. It is through her letters to Nettie that she first begins to understand herself, and start on the path toward her reawakening. When she finds out Albert has been hiding Nettie’s letters, she has gained the strength to stand up to him.”