The Charm of Communication Language

The Charm of Communication
Language, the common, yet incredibly versatile and complex way that man has developed to communicate using words. However, as elder Marvin J. Ashton believed, “Communication is more than a sharing of words”. The culture and method in which a certain language is used, affects not only how we are understood, but also people’s perception of our competence and knowledge with communication. This idea is embraced by author Amy Tan in her essay “Mother Tongue”. Originally published in 1990, it explores the two distinct sides of her personality with regards to the English language. The first one being her culture at home, where she speaks a broken English more familiar and understandable for her mother. As well as the second one, her profession, where she is required to use a more formal and proper English. Tan begins by establishing her identity as a writer with personal facts, and discussing her love for languages. By the end she successfully employs emotional appeals to further strengthen her argument.