The Bosnian War – Ethnic Conflict

A look at the ethnic conflict between the nations involved.

An analysis of the Bosnian war and the conflict between Serbs, Croats and Muslims. The author investigates the relations and causes for conflict between these societies.
“Yugoslavia, long known to Europeans and Americans as a sunny place to vacation, became in the 1990s the land where modern, educated people went to war against their neighbors. In Croatia, one of the six republics that made up the Yugoslav federation, the “Brotherhood and Unity Highway” became the front line of fratricide in the summer of 1991, as Serb and Croat villagers shot up toll booths and gas stations and claimed sections of the road as their own. By the time their leaders agreed to a cease-fire in January 1992, as many as 10,000 Serbs and Croats had died in the Croatian war, many of them killed close to their homes by people with whom they had lived peacefully for a generation or more.’