The Book of Psalms

Analysis of the “Book of Psalms” from the Old Testament of the Bible.

This paper explains the uniqueness of the “Book of Psalms” and how it has contributed to the Jewish religion. The paper describes their structure, format, and the seven types of Psalms.
“The Book of Psalms is a unique book of the Bible. More than any other book of the Bible, it is a personal testament of faith, an intimate communication between the author and his God. Its flowery, poetic style of writing sets it apart from most of the other books of the Old Testament. With the possible exception of Song of Songs, the book of Psalms is a series of lavish poems, full of descriptive terms and overflowing with the obvious passion that the author felt for his God. While the books preceding it in the Bible are books of law and books chronicling the prophets, and the books after it are stories of the trials and tribulations of the Hebrew people, the Book of Psalms is a book of personal declarations of faith. This paper takes a closer analytical look at the book of Psalms.”