The Big Bang Theory

An overview of the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe.

This paper discusses how the Big Bang theory is considered by many to be the most plausible model concerning creation and how modern educational institutions, especially from elementary school to undergraduate university level, continue to teach the Big Bang without question or qualification. It provides an overview of the physics of the theory and also looks at other theories, such as the Steady State theory, which have departed form the original model.
“From the beginning of the recording of human consciousness, man has looked up to the skies of heaven and pondered the creation of the universe. The earliest recorded writings on the subject addressed the universe, and its nature, from the most basic origins. These writings included the questions of whether a “higher power/omniscient being” was responsible for its creation, if the universe was based on a singular “event” that resulted in its evolution, to the most basic, and seemingly logical idea (to many ancient sources, anyway) that the universe was simply infinite, uncreated, and forever unchanging.”