The Basics of C++ Classes

A guide to the use of this powerful programming language.

Table of Contents

Introduction & Prerequisites
What are objects and classes?
Object Oriented Programming
Structured Programming and Reusable code
Real-world modeling
Example Walkthrough
C++ Class syntax
Writing a basic class
Syntax for creating objects
Class Members
Implementing class members into a C++ class
Accessing class members from a derived object
Data Encapsulation
Access specifiers
Class Functions
Implementing class functions into a C++ class
Accessing functions of an object
Constructors and Destructors
Revisiting encapsulation ? Accessor methods

Part of what makes C++ such a powerful programming language is the concept of classes and objects. To fully utilize the power and reusability of C++, it is important to understand classes and objects. This document will discuss all of the basic concepts of C++ class understanding and implementation by breaking the process down into its individual concepts, and explaining each of them.