The article that I have selected for this discussion is related to Enterprise Resource Planning

The article that I have selected for this discussion is related to Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is chiefly a business management practice that involves planning, purchase, finance, and human resources. Organizations implement ERP using software applications that manage the business and work related to technology, services and human resources. Organizations are using ERP systems in order to run their business effectively and smoothly.
However, the article that I have selected states that there is a need to change and update the ERP software that companies are using. Companies use ERP systems to successfully manage their operations and to gain huge benefits, but if such software is not according to the user experience, the company has to face a huge loss. There is an immense need to build ERP systems keeping the user experience in mind.
This article has rightly highlighted the fact that in order to achieve productivity and effectiveness, various improvements regarding the user interface in ERP systems should be made. Using and relying on the legacy applications is not going to work now as it reduces the productivity and also put the companies at security risks. Moreover, paying close attention to the user interface and experience makes it easier and simple for the users to complete work tasks. The users are less frustrated and do not look outside the system to complete their tasks.
As new advancements are being made in various areas of technology, so there is also a need to understand the importance of user experience in ERP systems. Improvements should be made in the ERP as it would result in increased productivity and more user engagement.