The American Supreme Court by Robert Mccloskey

Critical review of history of court, constitutional power, major justices, cases & issues (social regulation, civil rights, criminal law, essay for sale).

This research paper summarizes and evaluates the above-cited book by Robert G. McCloskey and its updating after 1958 by Sanford Levinson. The book is a comprehensive, yet distilled, history of the decisions and jurisprudence of the United States Supreme Court and its evolving role in interpreting the Constitution to meet changing conditions. The great strength of the book is its expository pithiness, its ability to condense the essentials of the Court’s development in highly readable prose, a task at which McCloskey is more adept than Levinson. Its flaws flow from its aims which are at the same time too ambitious to permit abbreviated treatment of its subject matter and too limited to serve as the definitive analysis of the Court. Its major conclusions are well reasoned and supported.