The American Gilded Age

This paper discusses the American Gilded Age, 1870-1900, the age of Boss Tweed, the Robber Barons, labor, Indians and the pursuit of money at the expense of the poor. Sources are from 19th Century newspapers.

This research will discuss the period of American history betwenn 1870 and 1900 known as the Gilded Age. Three historical incidents will be presented, to provide insight into the attitudes of the time.
Boss Tweed

William M. Tweed, head of the ring which bore his name, was jailed in the fall of 1877, ill and broke. Realizing he was near death, he offered a full confession in exchange for his release. On September 19, 1877 the New York Times headlined the story of Tweed’s court appearance, Confessions of a Thief and went on to denounce the former boss as contumacious and despicable. The newspaper articles traced Tweed’s career of theft, legal manipulation and political power from the early days of the ring. In May 1870, Tweed and his cohorts, stole $5,500,000 in one day.