The Affect of the Afghanistan Economy on Women

This paper examines the effect of the state of the economy of Afghanistan on the women in society.

The following paper examines the role of women in the Afghan Society, focusing on the economic ravage which is affecting the women and children the worst. The writer discusses how women make the bottom of the social ladder in a patriarchal society and amid the chaos of the economy the result is that the women are the worst affected. This paper examines how many women in Afghanistan are illiterate and uneducated about the society, resulting in a situation in which they do not know what work can be found and are left struggling in a hostile world. The main focus of this paper is that despite the aid and the pledges from developed nations on women rights the Afghan economy is adversely affecting the women.
“Within the paradigm of this debate has arisen the question of the role of women in the Afghani Society. We have seen the pictures of women wrapped in veils of cloth and not even an eye visible in the roles of clothes. We have heard how women were brutally killed for merely showing a finger in public and we know that women played no role in the political or social fabric of the society. They were the silent majority. That has changed after the War on Terror initiated by America. We know it has changed because the media has shown us Afghani women without their ‘veil’. We have heard that women have been reestablished in the work place as the Talibans have run for cover. We have heard that women have been emancipated and given the freedom they deserve as humans. Yet, what we do not know is what effect this emancipation has had on women. What sort of economic conditions the women are living under and how they are coping as a result thereof. (Skaine, 2002: 25)”