The Advantages and Disadvantages of Childcare

An analysis of the pros and cons of childcare programs in Maryland.

This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the childcare programs in Maryland. The paper finds that the good points seem to outweigh the bad ones, and although the system can fail mothers at times, it can help poor mothers find care for their children.
“A disadvantage would be that the child may suffer emotional damage due to certain criterion that connect the mother psychologically. Even if the day care center might be excellent in its approach to child development, the “association of the child to the mother is pertinent to healthy psychological growth.” (p.144) This shows a disadvantage to child development, which would not include the mother, and could damage the child’s trust at the early ages of development that are most important.
The effects of the child development on a child can be learned on an overall scope of analysis. In the advantages of child development, we can see that there are certain criterion that apply to this: School readiness and healthy child development, workforce competitiveness and productivity and ending welfare as we know it. (p.102) These processes can be how the child may develop along the lines in day care, and how this would affect his or her growth. This, of course, is an advantage to understanding how child development is influenced by childcare.