Television and Liberal Democracy

A look at the ramifications of TV on democracy.

This paper looks at television. The author argues that television may pose a threat to democracy, by undermining the seriousness of political discourse. Television may serve as an internal contradiction in liberal democracy, and thus threaten Francis Fukuyama?s vision of liberal democracy as the end of history.
“It is important to note that culture may drive television, rather than television driving culture. If this is true, then blaming the possible death of culture on televisions is akin to blaming the car for driving into a curb rather than the driver. It is also possible that culture and television feed off each other, with neither providing the driving force. In undermining the seriousness of political discourse in the USA, television may constitute a threat to the future of liberal democracy. Given this, television may also be a threat to the end of History as defined by Fukuyama.”