Television and America

Examines the influence that television has had on American society.

This paper discusses the impact that television has had on American society, with an emphasis on how television has influenced politics in America. The paper also discusses how television influenced the civil rights movement and the process of international Americanization.
“There are a few striking visual messages, associated with the political that really stand out in the minds of most Americans. From the first televised presidential debates to the near continuous television coverage of congressional activities that exists today, television has made landmark strides towards informing the people. Though, many would argue that this has all come at a price, associated with the visual image sometimes being more compelling than the political message and also the sheer cost of national campaigns given the high cost of television advertisement. Yet, it is also clear that the world of politics in the United states would not be what it is today without the political images and information we all get form the television.”