Teenage Smoking

This paper discusses the dangers of teenage smoking. Specifically, it looks at how teenagers begin smoking, and what can be done to help them quit.

The paper describes the health risks involved in smoking and asserts that teenagers begin smoking because of peer pressure and because of the way smoking is portrayed in advertisements and television. It describes how smoking then becomes a habit and an addiction for these children so that they are unable to quit. The paper suggests ways in which a smoker can quit, such as using nicotine patches, chewing nicotine gum, and undergoing therapy.

Table of Contents:
How Kids Start Smoking
Peer Pressure
Smoking in Film
Why Kids Continue Smoking
Inability to Quit
How Kids Can Quit Smoking
Patches and Gum
“The health hazards of smoking are well known and documented. In 1992, over 400,000 people died from complications from smoking each year, including lung and throat cancer, stroke, and heart disease. The number today is even higher. Additionally, some studies have also shown that starting to smoke as a teenager has the potential to permanently damage lung tissue.”