Technology – Slave or Tyrant?

This paper discusses how the advancement of new technology is impacting our society and mankind. It looks at how technology shapes the way we live today, and how it will affect the way we live tommorow.

This paper attempts to identify why technology may no longer be just our slave, but our tyrant. Technology clearly shapes the way we live today, and is now no less of a significant influence than religion or the government for determining how we shall live tomorrow. We can perceive technology as the artificial enhancement of human power, which will be used to serve all of our needs within the twenty first century. However is our society learning that technology is potentially self-destructive, and would it be so welcomed if people really new how it will impact our life in the future, and the nature of mankind.
“It appears that as technology advances, it will continue to play an increasingly significant role in the future and shape of mankind. We must remember that whatever technology does to our lives, technology in itself is not to blame, but rather how we use it. Humans should not become so dependant on technology that it dictates the way in which we live our lives, and the fundamental decisions we make. Technology is certainly a virtue of human intelligence, but we must be careful not to phase ourselves out, and create more wrong than good. In conclusion I would say that technology should be used to support our efforts, but not replace our efforts.”