Technology, Individualism and Society

An examination of the correlation between technology and the society of developed nations.

In this paper, the writer argues that there is a proportional relationship between technology and ideology in developed nations in the modern era. In the first part of this paper, the writer maintains that, all things considered, it appears that the more technologically advanced a country or nation is, the more individualistic a culture it has. In the second part of this paper, it explores the inverse of this relationship specifically, whether it is the case that less developed countries possess different cultural attitudes that incorporate more community-based ideals and values. In the final part of the paper, it argues that the cause of the proportional commonality between technology and ideology is to be found it its aims.
“Indeed the strength and progress of science and technology has outstripped all forms of political organization. Across the history of the political spectrum ” from despotism, to monarchism, to communism, to democracy ” the integrity of the scientific enterprise has remained strong. Within the last century, we have seen an exponential growth in scientific knowledge and technological advancement, especially so in countries that have liberal democratic societies that primarily feature individualistic values (such as liberty and freedom). This, I believe, is no coincidence.”