Technology: Impact Upon Education, Business and Social Communication

A study on how education, business and social communication have been enhanced over the past decade due to the vastness of technological advancement.

The paper shows that there can be no argument that new technology has taught society to appreciate and rethink old skills, technologies and values. It shows that as technology continues to improve educational options, business application and social communication, there will be less of a need to consider old skills or technologies, as they will no longer prove effective. The paper shows how technology has impacted business, education and social communication over the past decade.
“The ways in which this observation is true can fill volumes; however, one only needs to be familiar with but a few examples in order to understand the role technology has played in recent history. Inasmuch as technological diversification has allowed humanity to pursue goals and dreams once thought to be an impossibility, there seem to be fewer and fewer limits placed upon what mankind can ultimately accomplish. This may have its obvious advantageous aspects, yet there also exists a paradox of modern communication, in that society is becoming more isolated as it becomes more technologically advanced.”