Technology and the Senses

Essay exploring the detrimental effects of modern technology.

This essay describes the negative impact that modern technology has had on the individual’s sensory experiences. The paper reflects on the progress brought about by modern technology and the influence it has had on our perceptions. Literature lamenting the negative impact of this influence is referred to the paper.
It seems that, as the world progresses and technology becomes more and more available, there is more of a need for simplicity. While the term ‘modern’ generally means the era immediately following the Industrial Revolution and postmodern to the inception of computer technology as available to the masses, there are social, political and economic aspects of the definition that need also be considered. The technological world, as opposed to the modern, is socially, economically and culturally fragmented and, seemingly, rejects the concepts of meaning within the experience. The age of technology is focused on the individual and economic priorities, rather than the experience of the senses. Reality, however, is subjective. The anthology of writings edited by Gary Columbo under the title, Mind Readings, focuses on what it means to be human in a world where science, technology, commercializing and industrialization define the world as modern. It is explained, how, instead of the page and paragraph, our measure of meaning is the screen; instead of the isolated word or footnote, we have the linkthe electronic board-wax we use to surf from Web site to Web site (644). It cannot be argued that information technology has re-defined the role of humanity. What can, and must be, argued is whether these changes are beneficial or detrimental to the further development of mankind. The age of computers has placed renewed emphasis on the importance of technological change in modern economic growth. It can readily be argued that a shift has occurred that encompasses a period of technological advances that could profoundly affect the world economy as well as individual concepts of experience. Computer technology is altering the form, nature, and future of the world. Will human experience be able to maintain an equal status?”