Technology and the Environment

An analysis of the possible benefits or damages caused to the environment by technology.

This paper discusses how the development of technology has changed our lives and our world. The paper illustrates the damage done to the environment by human technology and makes us aware that technology can most certainly not be counted upon to save us. A brief history of the Industrial Revolution is presented. The paper concludes on an optimistic note that we can and should learn how to use technology for the advantage of the environment.
“We do not tread lightly on the earth, we children of this high-tech age. All of our machines, which we have designed to help us live longer and more enjoyable ” and more carefree ” lives have damaged the world we live in, in some cases to the extent that the very good life that we have tried to engineer into being is itself in danger. We have for millennia increased the sophistication of our machines, but we have now come to a point in our historical and biological evolution that technology can most certainly not be counted upon to save us and we must ask ourselves very serious questions about what the relationship between technology and the environment is and what the future may hold for us.”