Teak Timber Industry

Harvesting, pricing, impact on host countries’ environment, competition, regulation.

This research reviews the harvest and pricing of teak timber. Teak is a tropical hardwood that varies slightly in appearance according to the country of origin (Kaiser, 1992, p. 44). Burma teak characteristically has a yellow-brown sapwood with a dark golden-brown heartwood. All teak darkens after exposure to the air. The grain can be straight, wavy or fiddleback. Teak has a coarse texture and is naturally oily. Teak has medium bending strength, low stiffness and shock resistance, high crushing strength and moderate steam bending rating (Kaiser, 1992, p. 44).

Teak grows naturally and also on plantations (Kaiser, 1992, p. 44). Teak has been transplanted to East and West Africa and to the Caribbean. The true, or…