Comparison of two very different styles of teaching.

The author of this paper gives a personal perspective of the teaching styles of two teachers and how these teaching styles affected the students in the classroom. The English teacher in this essay is described as enthusiastic and engaging, while the math teacher is described as bland and monotonous.
“A woman in a corset pointed to the notes on the blackboard. My English teacher was prone to dramatics like this. She used props and other devises to engage the students in their course material. When she taught us Shakespeare, for instance, she almost always came to class dressed in character. Today she was Juliet, without her Romeo. I enjoyed her classes because she was fun and enthusiastic. Even though much of the course material was difficult, coming to class was no chore because we enjoyed the way she presented the material. She wore colorful clothing and spoke loudly and clearly, making eye contact whenever possible. My math teacher, on the other hand, was dry. Many students talked during class or passed notes to each other. He never smiled and had no enthusiasm for his work. He wore the same clothes every day and rarely made eye contact with his students. Although his material was well-presented and well-organized, he failed to stimulate interest. As soon as the bell rang, he would launch into the lesson plan, writing equations on the blackboard and never making eye contact with students. Although both my teachers were well-qualified and I learned a lot from them, they completely differed in their approach to teaching.”