Tambourines to Glory

A review of a play about religion and morals, “Tambourines to Glory” by Langston Hughes.

This paper discusses and analyzes the literary work, “Tambourines to Glory” by Langston Hughes. The paper examines the significance of the work, and shows what Hughes was trying to say through his fiction. The paper describes the good versus evil theme of the story and illustrates the author’s humorous approach to telling the tale.
The protagonists are two women who pose as sisters and decide to start a church, not for spiritual salvation or a great belief in the Lord, but for money. Money! I sure wish I had some. Say Essie, why don’t you and me start a church like Mother Bradley’s? We ain’t doing nothing else useful, and it would beat Home Relief. You sing good. I’ll preach. We’ll both take up collection and split it” (Hughes 19-20).”