Swatos’ Globalization and Religious Fundamentalism

This paper is a review of Swatos’ `Globalization and Religious Fundamentalism` that presents the case that there has been a strong movement to incorporate religion in a globalized manner that gives fundamentalists a foothold in the world’s institutions.

This paper states that Swatos’ book reviews the global resurgence of religion, which has distorted traditional religious interpretation and boundaries. The author believes that religion has been employed in areas, such as politics, where it is not acceptable. The paper explains the book explores various religious movements commonalities to understand the attraction that enables the entrance into unreachable associations.
`From Jerry Falwell to the Moral Majority to various presidential scandals, the author notes how religion has been implicated in situations it would have never been just a quarter of a century ago. There has been a strong movement to incorporate religion in such a globalized manner that it infiltrates the very furthest crevices of humanity; in doing so, fundamentalists hope to gain a substantial foothold in the world’s community as a means by which to push its beliefs.`