Surrogate Mothers

A discussion of the issues involved in being and using surrogate mothers, including a look at the pertinent legal issues.

This paper analyzes the topic of surrogate mothers, discussing the many considerations to be taken into account when deciding to be a surrogate mother or selecting a surrogate mother. The paper provides information about laws concerning surrogate mothers, from various countries. Also illustrated are the sensitive issues for the surrogate mother to deal with after birth of the baby.
“Surrogate mothers have many battles to face giving their babies to the set of parents that want to receive them. “Between 50 and 100 babies a year are born to surrogate mothers in Britain” (Henderson 2). Italy is against using surrogate mothers for childless couples (Australian 1). Should couples that have had children be allowed to use surrogate mothers? What are the problems of selecting a surrogate mother? What are the steps to having a baby from a surrogate mother? If the surrogate mother has more than one baby, what happens? Are the proposed parents mandated to take more than one baby? What about expenses? Surrogate mothers offer hope to couples that have not been able to have a baby with the natural childbirth and to couples who have married for the second time who desire to have a baby, but there are many decisions that should be made first.”