Studying the above research papers [22] [23]

Studying the above research papers 22 23, that are relatively new 2015-2016 and take into account the work done up until this point by other researchers in the same field of laser melting with the purpose of improving the method, we can conclude that no set of SLM process parameters or powder mixture in the case of WC-Co system can provide adequate results.
Regardless of using high or low energy density on the same powder composition a compromise must be made between the relative part density and the cobalt (Co) content present in the structure. In addition, an inhomogeneous layered structure results due to the different way the laser affects the powder bed. The powder composition (25wt%WC-75wt%Co) presented in the paper 23 has provided good results regarding the relative density, the grain structure, the Co content also with the absents of structural cracks but parts from such composite material provide limited application especially in the case of the cutting tool industry.