Strategic Planning within an Organization

This paper discusses that strategic planning within an organization is a key component to the organization’s success.

The paper explains that strategic planning, the ability to measure expected demand, structure a system to address that demand to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders, and then execute the plan, is the sign of a successful management team and a profitable organization. The author points out that, when an organization faces an operational change, the organization must undertaken four key steps through a series of operational evaluations, which can prepare the company to meet the coming demands. These include leadership, objectives identification, strategies development, and writing and executing the plan. The paper relates that, unfortunately, action-oriented managers often skim over these steps as they make their way immediately toward ?doing something?.
“After the leadership person or committee is identified, the second step in the process if determining the objectives needed to adapt to the changing demand. Will the organization need additional resources? Will the organization need to change communication systems, or task evaluation procedures in order to meet the new levels of demands? The strategies are typically directional and topic in nature, and not specific. The specific steps are identified in the next phase of preparing for the change, which is identifying the strategies for obtaining the specific objectives.