Stepping Out

An analysis of the 1978 painting by Roy Lichtenstein entitled “Stepping Out.”

The paper provides a detailed analysis, as well as a personal review, of the oil and magna painting “Stepping Out’ by artist Roy Lichtenstein, which is displayed in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The paper shows how Stepping Out is a work of Pop Art and seems to epitomize the superficiality of the dating experience in America. The paper also describes other works of art by Roy Lichtenstein.
Artists like Lichenstein and Warhol represented the natural creative progression of twentieth century art. Moving away from the abstract expressionist vogue they depicted the everyday reality of mass culture. Themselves emerging from a background in commercial art, they used familiar objects both to allow viewers to relate directly to art and to offer social satire.

Contemporaries, Lichtenstein and Warhol matured in their art under the heritage of American forerunners Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns who planted the seeds of Pop Art. Rauschenberg constructed collages from household objects and Johns repetitively painted American flags and bull’s-eye targets. These artists in turn emerged under the influence of European forerunners like Richard Hamilton who produced Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Home So Different, So Appealing? in 1956.