An overview of the implementation of Starbucks’ improved process.

This paper examines how Starbucks has implemented a program that takes into account the constantly changing requirements and demands of the society and the customers that it houses and improves upon ways to better serve them, while making the business more profitable in the process. It attempts to explain the various phases of the implementation plan used to introduce the improved processes that are developed at the famous coffee franchise, and the data collection techniques that are utilized by the company. It elaborates, with the help of flowcharts, the difference between how the company currently operates and how it intends to improve in the future.
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The second phase in implementing the improvement process is to have an environment where the employees totally feel at home. Starbucks already has the lowest employee turn over rate at the front end, when compared to any other coffee outlet and it does quite a lot in order to properly train its employees and educate them about coffee so that they are more than able to assist customers who may have questions. Investing so much time and money on the individual employee guarantees that the employee will give back to the company by developing a sense of loyalty, and promotes a sense of being part of a community for the workers, hence increasing productivity and decreasing unsatisfied customers.