An evaluation of the importance of sportsmanship among employees.

This paper discusses how business is nothing but a sport, where winning comprises of gaining points in shareholder value, market share, profitability etc. and how just like any other sport, winning in the business world requires a motivated, united and committed work force, with a deep-rooted sense of sportsmanship. It examines definitions of the word ‘sportsmanship’ and shows how they may be applied to the business world and analyzes the relationship between ‘sportsmanship’ and ethics.
“True, personality traits and an individual’s ethical standard are difficult to judge during the recruitment process, even with the most rigorous of screening procedures. Which is probably why Corporates look for prospective candidates from other companies or industries which are known for their team spirit and sportsmanlike culture: More companies like Photocircuit are enlisting the services of veterans to fill jobs the military, with its leading-edge technology and spit-and-polish management style, may be the best boot camp around while learning the art of war, they also learn discipline, teamwork, managing people and delegating tasks (The Atlanta Journal- Constitution).”