Speech of Indian Tribe Chief

A creative essay written as a speech by a Native American chief to his people describing the history of the Santee Sioux tribe.

By using the chief of the Sioux tribe as narrator, the paper traces the history of the tribe. The paper begins with a description of life on the plains around Lake Superior, wars with the rival Ojibwa tribe and then carries the reader until the time when the tribe is forced to seek unification with other tribes in order to fight a new enemy, the white man.
“The white men’s approach shows their nature of treachery that leaves them unfit for any pact from our end. In spite of the reality that the white men are better equipped in arms than us, forget not my men that the white man is not well equipped in his will. If we can win them, we can win by our will; by our determination; by our unity for our mother. We know the land as none other, for we have roamed therein years together for buffalo hunting and the big game.
These white men cannot overpower us if we resist their intrusion wisely. I have known that they come from different lands from far. Some are different from the others. If we can use these differences to make them fight among themselves for the land, we can win half of the battle. Then, the white men shall have the taste of their own medicine.”