Examining the criminal trends of snipers and their characteristics.

This paper presents a detailed examination of snipers and their activity. The writer focuses on the most recent sniper attacks that have been occurring in the Virginia area but uses past cases to elaborate on sniper activity and profiles in general.
“It is one of the scariest things the nation has ever experienced. Nobody is safe. A shot rings out and someone drops. They die. The news screams that the Maryland/Virginia sniper has struck again. He does not seem to have a chosen type to target. A child, shoppers, a bus driver and several others have had their lives ended or forever altered while performing everyday mundane tasks, such as pumping gas, or reading a book. While the attacks are gaining international attention he is not the first sniper that America has ever had. He is perhaps the most threatening because of the way he is handling his need to kill. He is leaving clues and the police are scrambling to cooperate enough to stroke his ego while tightening the net around his eventual capture. Snipers of this magnitude are a new breed. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. It is not a single shooting frenzy, but rather a cold calculated and carefully plotted assault on the very psyche of America.”