A critical analysis of the 1994 Smirnoff advertisement.

This paper discusses how Smirnoff’s 1994 campaign, with the theme This bottle can change reality was a trend-setting advertising campaign that boosted the product and enhanced its worldwide selling power. It examines how it was based on spectacular or illusion advertising and the three main themes that come out of it: How it alludes to our sense of patriotism, the ability to change our reality, and the creation of image.
In considering ideology, what would be the reaction of people to this advertisement today? After the tragic events of September 11th, this ad might produce two very different responses. One might be an annoyance at the fact that the Statue of Liberty is being linked to a sex symbol. This could be misconstrued as a mockery for some patriotic Americans. Others may view this as a representation of some of the things that are good about America our freedom, our cities and the Statue of Liberty.

But the whole advertisement is based on that simple concept of illusion. It simply implies that what’s in that bottle can change your perception of things, i.e. linking the Statue of Liberty with a very famous pose by Marilyn Monroe. Could that connote that drinking Smirnoff can loosen up even the stodgiest people?