Slavery in the U.S. Territories

This paper discusses the important role that slavery in the territories (Not Yet States) had on the impending Civil War crisis.

This paper traces the influence that slavery in the U.S. territories had on the American Civil War. Important issues such as the Wilmot Proviso, the Missouri compromise, and the Compromise of 1850 are discussed. In addition, key figures such as John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and Harriet Beecher Stowe are also included.
“The Civil War, referred to as “The Needless Conflict” by Allan Nevins transpired as a direct result of many factors. One of these important factors was the issue of slavery in the territories of the United States that had yet to be admitted into the Union as states. These territories created a dilemma that would plague the U.S. for years before it was finally settled in the ultimate conflict: The Civil War.”