Sidney Sheldon

A biography of the life and works of the author Sidney Sheldon.

This paper discusses the life and analyzes the success of the author Sidney Sheldon who was declared by the “Guinness Book of World Records” in 1997, to be the most translated author in the world. It looks at his life from his childhood in Chicago through his move to Hollywood at the age of 17, to becoming a writer for the movie industry, the theater and eventually television. It examines his inspirations and styles and reviews some of the novels he has written.
“Born in Chicago in 1917, Sheldon knew from an early age he wanted to write. “I sold my first poem when I was 10 years old … to a children’s magazine and I’m lucky to have known at a very early age that I wanted to be a writer” (Moderator). Sheldon took a few college classes, but did not graduate. No one in his family made it past the second grade, yet he always knew what he would do when he grew up. His family moved often, and his father always struggled to provide a living for his family.”