Sherman Alexie taught himself how to read and that was by the age of three years old

Sherman Alexie taught himself how to read and that was by the age of three years old, he started with comic books all the books he has was his dads which he got them used, from second hand stores. And by that Alexie grew up to be a great writer.

The story explains on how its ok too be poor and its very ok to go to school to better yourself even if other people thinks that your race isn’t smart enough to go to school, its not the people it’s the stereo types that make people say things like that.

Alexie explains that even at the age of three the words was like a foreign language and was before he could read and probable writing too.

Alexies father was born and raised on the reservation, he was one of the few natives to go to Catholic School on purpose. Which taught him how to read and write. And with that Alexie’s father would buy any book he could get his hands on, he would buy from supermarkets, Goodwill’s and hospital gift shops, etc.
In this part of the story Alexie, was seeing the paragraphs in a three-dimensional way; but he saw each word Alexie would read each sentence out loud even though he couldn’t read yet which in this part he assumes the comic says “superman is breaking down the door” to a three year old the comic could of said pretty much anything in his eyes.
I’m for this story because I can relate to this story in different ways on how Alexie’s family had to live pay-check to pay-check because that’s how me and my mom had to live for the longest time and that was due to my father passing away. I can also relate to this story because I had so many people putting me down saying I wasn’t good enough to go to school to be better than the people who put me down.
However, as the audience reads the selection, it becomes clear that there is something nebulous about Alexie’s school experience that most people would hardly understand