Shattered Dreams

An analysis of the various themes used in the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

This paper reviews the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald and discusses its themes concerning humanity as they are told through a love story. It evaluates the different themes one by one and looks at class differences, materialism and carelessness. It concludes by examining how these themes give enough material to think about the human psyche, the shallowness of humanity and how society has not changed much leaving the story curiously up to date.
“Class differences and materialism are themes of great importance in the novel. (Dilling, ; Novelguide, 2001) Gatsby’s position when he met Daisy was not more than that of a mere army lieutenant. Daisy on the other hand was a girl with an affluent upbringing. She was part of the elite, or at least a higher class than Gatsby. He feels he has to win Daisy back after he discovers that she has married Tom Buchanan during his absence. Tom has practically bought Daisy’s love with a pearl necklace costing $ 350,000. Gatsby feels that there is only one way to win back “golden girl” Daisy, he has to improve his social status, he needs to get rich. (Helkamp, 1999) Because Gatsby has little chance getting rich fast through working he ends up in the illegal circuit.”