This analytical research paper presents a critical review of the book, “Shanghai, The Rise and Fall of A Decadent City” by Stella Dong.

Examining this book that uncovers the world of Shanghai; its people, their cultural values and their unmoral and unethical aspects of individuality. The paper criticizes the book and examines how Dong’s unique writing style. It shows how Dong uses hyperbole in many different forms to explain certain aspects of Shanghai life.
In addition to the above, the book unfolded the history of the city, Shanghai, using hyperbole. The descriptions of the tarnished nightlife and the flourishing prostitution trade were well written, entertaining as well as provided insight of the practices behind the scene (Dong). However, the history of and the life in Shanghai throughout 1920’s has been exaggerated through the extensive use of the highly ornate language, painting the entire picture of the city based on not as much facts as the author’s own biases and experiences (Dong). Hence, the book presented anecdotes and facts but lacked appropriate reflection of the greater implications of the Shanghai’s history. The author diligently tried to narrate the tales of avarice, conspiracy and criminal sins that constituted the culture of Shanghai, however, I found the description far more horrific and ludicrous than informative. (Dong)