Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Alan Paton’s Pieter

Compares the character Macbeth from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth to the character Pieter from Alan Paton’s “Too Late the Phalarope”.

This paper compares the character of Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth to the character of Pieter in Alan Paton, Too Late the Phalarope. The paper highlights how both characters cannot seem to understand their own limitations, they are too ignorant about impending tragedy and both are doomed to failure because of the women in their lives.
There is no doubt that both of these characters can be made into tragic men who cannot seem to understand their own limitations. Not only does Pieter have little power to do anything of real consequence, but also he is not willing to accept his limited role in the events that lead to his tragic end. This is the same in Macbeth, who is also a very controlling person, and does not realize his limitations in the whole scope of his power. By realizing this main argument for their similarity, we can clearly see that both these men are outside of the perimeter of thought in the fight they are creating against their enemies. This is the key factor to why they are so similar in their ways of life, as well as in their ability to seek a tragic ending by their ignorance of character.