Sexual Diversity

This paper addresses the issue of sexual diversity through the use of various gay and lesbian writings especially Radclyffe Hall’s Well of Loneliness.

This paper argues that people should change their thinking regarding gender distribution and create a third gender called homosexual. The author suggests that lesbianism is more than sexuality, that it is the emotional and psychological identification of women with other women and that women have enjoyed this kind of essential bonding throughout history, regardless of the gender of their sexual partners.
Shame has an imperative affect on the lives of many gays and lesbians. It originates as early as childhood or the first experience of ones homosexuality. At first it distorts their ideology, self-esteem and dignity. It also negatively affects their intimate life, adult life and identity as whole. The aim of the authors is to break this wall of silence surrounding the gays and helping them come out of this cave of shame they live in.