Sexual Addiction

This paper discusses sexual addiction, defines it and places it in the context of an individual’s lifestyle, context of behavior and relationships.

The following paper further discusses the criteria for determining if an individual has a sexual addiction and offers physiological, social and psychological reasons for this disorder. Freud, a recovering sex addict – Michael Ryan and Toby Jackson’s “Medicalizing Temptation” are made reference to.
“The fastest-growing group is successful professionals. Society is becoming increasingly sexualized. Hard to imagine, but it is. Everyday, there are constantly sexual references and stories involving sex in the paper, more sexual programs in prime time, more advertising. It gives people the impression that sex is the answer.
Some might joke that if you have to be addicted to something, sex isn’t bad. But the uncontrollable compulsion to seduce and conquer is definitely not enjoyable, and if untreated, it can destroy careers, marriages, and lives. What’s missing from a sexual addict’s life can’t be found in repeating the same old patterns. But it can be discovered in the lives of the people we care about the ones we really care about.”