Sex and Adolescents

A discussion of sexual risks in early adolescent children.

This paper examines how early adolescents ” boys and girls aged 11 to 14 or 15 ” have been described as intensely curious, observant and imitative, manipulative, expressive and generally un-inhibited and how these natural qualities open them to a number of risks, such as drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, depression, and other mental and psychological disorders. It examines the increase in teen pregnancies and venereal disease and the preventative measures being taken to educate children as early as possible. It discusses the emotional and psychological traumas of adolescents going through puberty and the problems of depression that can result.
“Because teen pregnancies are common among the poor, they or their families seek inexpensive or unsafe delivery systems or abortions. In some Latin American countries, it was reported that more than a third of maternal deaths directly resulted from unsafe abortions. Childbirth by young teen mothers is also often complicated and in some cases, leads to the death of either the infant or the mother or both. Or the infant has low birth weight or a high susceptibility to sickness and just dies before it reaches a year. ”