Self Esteem vs. Body Image

A study of the different ways women view themselves and their bodies, including a discussion on breast cancer patients.

This paper analyzes the issues pertinent to society’s demands of women and their appearances. The paper examines the ways women feel about their bodies, and explains how their looks sometimes define their self confidence and self esteem. The paper provides references from various books and surveys on this topic. An in-depth look is taken at the breast cancer patient and how she deals with her body image.
Somewhere in the media and development of our current social paradigm women have developed the idea that there really is not perfect woman, but each woman would like to be the first one. This is what causes the never-ending spiral effect of women’s competition to be perfect. Conscienceless or unconsciously, women believe that they will never be perfect; There will always be a better look to strive for. Personally I think there is a lot of nonsense in this theory that women have convinced themselves is common knowledge and fact. What women are really seeking is the happiness that is believed to be possessed by men because it doesn’t really matter what men look like as long as they are successful in their jobs.